Our Partners

The three main focuses of My Psychiatric Partner’s work are:

► Providing psychiatric clinicians to facilities, mainly through telehealth but also on-site if needed as in the case of inpatient work and medication assisted substance abuse treatment. We serve substance recovery centers, community mental health centers, federally qualified health centers, and almost any other setting that would benefit from access to great telepsychiatry providers.

► Providing telepsychiatric services to colleges and universities, whether through their student health services or directly to their student body.

► Providing on-site holistic services to individuals seeking non-medication options for symptom improvement. This may be a person’s only form of treatment, or as an augmentation to other interventions such as medications, psychotherapy, or the various other alternative therapies they may be receiving.

Why Work With MPP

While telemedicine is incredibly convenient and improves your access to care, especially if you have multiple sites needing services, the even greater benefit of working with us is our commitment to quality treatment. Each provider is trained and supported by Dr. Nockowitz, and works closely with either him or another experienced psychiatrist to ensure precise diagnosing and effective medication strategies.

With the help of this clinical team of NP and supporting psychiatrist, your patients will receive thoughtful and thorough treatment that is focused on getting and keeping them well. Also included in our service offerings are pharmacogenetic testing, specialty referrals, primary care collaboration, and unmatched support and communication.

Partnership is at the core of MPP’s values, and we make your operational needs and financial success our priority through flexibility, administrative support, collaboration and cooperation. You won’t find a better partner than MPP, and are happy to provide references from our many happy customers.