My Psychiatric Partner has the experience in telepsychiatry and clinical care of the college-aged population necessary to provide a college or university’s student body with rapid access to quality psychiatric care. We also partner directly with student health services to add or augment their psychiatric provider staff with well-trained and well-informed psychiatric clinicians to serve that population.

We are also a great resource to provide direct-to-consumer care to students outside of the school’s health services when the capacity of those services is exceeded and other options for access to care is needed. MPP understands the critical issues of students and schools related to providing appropriate and safe care, specifically around strict policies about controlled medications.

Recognizing and treating mental health issues in students in of utmost importance in students’ academic success, and MPP is committed to providing great support and partnership for schools and their student bodies to this end.

For more information on working with My Psychiatric Partner at your college or university, please contact our administrator Cynthia Neubert at 855-MPP-1MPP (855-677-1677).