Kate Boldon, MSN, PMHNP


Kate joined MPP in June, 2016. She believes that one of the most important factors in providing psychiatric care is patient education, and has experienced that when a patient understands exactly what to expect in treatment and the meaning of signs and symptoms, compliance rates soar. She also feels it is critical that the patient is an active participant in their treatment decisions. Kate treats patients of all ages across the lifespan.

Kate has been practicing as an Advanced Practice Nurse for five years, and her experience and credentials include:

  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology degree from The Ohio State University
  • Masters of Science in Nursing degree, with specialization in Psychiatry, from The Ohio State University
  • Preceptorships at both OSU Harding Inpatient Unit and OSU Carepoint outpatient treatment
  • Research Assistant, Childhood Mood Disorders, The Ohio State University.
  • Research Assistant, Social Psychology, The Ohio State University
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children with Autism
  • Former Psychiatric CNP, ViaQuest Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions
  • Member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association


[email protected]

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