Our Providers

Top quality and satisfaction are our guarantees

At the core of our service is our clinicians. We choose providers for our team who are not only clinically skilled, but embody our values of flexibility, cooperativeness, support, and putting your needs first. As important, we continuously monitor quality and customer satisfaction to ensure you are getting the service and care you deserve. We feel that our approach works, as not only do we continue to get great feedback from those we serve, but we always have many additional providers desiring to work with us. In an industry where simply finding providers can be the biggest challenge, our challenge is choosing from the best of them. We work closely with and support our providers both administratively and clinically, helping them to become the best clinicians in the field.

We are proud to present our current clinical team members.

Kate Boldon, MSN, APRN

Jennifer Maynard, MSN, APRN

Praveena Berlin, MSN, APRN

Tonya Edmondson, MSN, APRN

Nicole Jackson, MSN, APRN

Erica Stanley, MSN, APRN

Kimberly Gilbert, MSN, APRN

Julie Stone, MSN, APRN

Carol Parker, MSN, APRN

Krishona Poignard, MSN, APRN

Emily Walker, MSN, APRN

Erin Miller, MSN, APRN

Daniel Funk, MSN, APRN

Captain Michael Barnes, APRN

Michael Hodge, MSN, APRN

Jordin Johnson, MSW

Kelly LaPointe, MSN, APRN

Yeargar Kargna, MSN, APRN

Fidelis Sangye, MSN, APRN

Stephen McAllister, MSN, APRN

Ebrima Jatta, MSN, APRN

Geneva Chastanet-Severin, DNP