Substance Recovery Centers

My Psychiatric Partner (MPP) brings incredible value to both the Substance Recovery Center and its patients by providing improved access to psychiatric clinicians. Our clinicians document remotely directly into the facility’s EHR at the time of the visit, and process prescriptions through the facility’s e-prescribing platform (where present) or alternately by having nurses call in the patient’s medications. This service is provided under a contracted model, where the facility buys provider time from MPP, with the facility in turn billing and collecting for the services provided.

My Psychiatric Partner Means High-Quality Care

  • All of our clinicians are personally selected, taught, and supervised by our founder, Dr. Richard Nockowitz, a respected clinician-educator trained at Harvard Medical School.
  • MPP is the only service that provides a clinical team of both a psychiatric nurse practitioner seeing the patients AND a psychiatrist providing real-time clinical support to the nurse practitioner.
  • Dr. Nockowitz provides quality assurance through periodic chart reviews of clinicians’ work and collaboration with the facility, to assure satisfaction and high-quality services.

My Psychiatric Partner Means Better Financial Outcomes

  • Our clinicians are trained in effective documentation to maximize revenue through use of higher-complexity billing codes.
  • Our service meets ASAM requirements for providing psychiatric services to all levels of care, including ASAM 3.7WM, allowing you to both grow your program and receive the highest per diem rates.
  • Our superior service is a fraction of the price of locum tenens providers, and eliminates the need and expense of recruiting and providing benefits for employed providers.

My Psychiatric Partner Means Comprehensive Solutions

  • MPP has been a leader in the telepsychiatry field with a proven track record for success, serving many Substance Recovery Centers and improving their capacity for patient care and billing.
  • Our clinicians are available ongoing, supporting the facility’s growth and eliminating concerns over stability of staffing.
  • Telepsychiatry services can be set up within a few weeks and integration is simple and free, and our leadership team is available for free consultation regarding issues ranging from billing to reimbursement and documentation to risk management.

My Psychiatric Partner means improving patient care while simultaneously increasing revenue.