My Psychiatric Partner for Extended Care Facilities

For nursing homes, respites, and other extended care facilities (ECFs), My Psychiatric Partner (MPP) offers a multifaceted service that provides tremendous value to both the facility and its patients.  With expert clinicians and telemedicine technology, patients get the care they need without having to leave the facility for their appointments. 

My Psychiatric Partner means personal responsibility for each and every patient

  • Our team is available for emergent consultations 24/7 no matter the day or time as well as regularly scheduled visits.
  • We provide coordinated care with the patient’s multidisciplinary team, family, and guardians.
  • All of our clinicians are personally selected and supervised by our medical director and founder.
  • Our telemedicine services bring expert clinicians to your facility through secure and easy-to-use technology. 

My Psychiatric Partner means better financial outcomes

  • Our clinician educators identify patients at risk of mental illness and psychiatric decompensation to facilitate prompt interventions.
  • Consultation with our MDS Specialists maximizes reimbursement by establishing and documenting increased clinical complexity and RUGS scores.
  • We help ECFs to achieve important CMS initiative goals of reducing antipsychotic usage and preventing rehospitalizations.
  • Our telemedicine approach leads to reduced travel and staffing costs by providing on-site care.
  • Partnering with MPP will reliably improve a facility’s appeal in a competitive marketplace.

My Psychiatric Partner means comprehensive solutions

  • Proactive treatment guarantees fewer emergency room visits and psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Behavioral intervention training and clinical recommendations aid in resident management to minimize PRN medication usage.
  • We assist with pharmacy Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR) requests and improve documentation while maintaining resident stability.
  • ECFs using our services experience fewer adverse incidents, and decreased resident-to-staff and residents-to-resident altercations.
  • Our online psychiatric education channel educates staff, patients, and family members about psychiatric illness and treatment.
  • We actively track patient outcomes to ensure resident, provider, and family satisfaction

My Psychiatric Partner means improving patient care while simultaneously increasing revenue.

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